ThirdEye provides high quality commercial aerial services through safe, certified and insured drone flight to meet aerial view requirements. Our drones provide a cost effective alternative to traditional aviation practices such as aircraft and helicopters. We use top technology drones that provide high quality aerial photography and videography as well as performance for other related aerial services.

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True North Strong And Free A Tribute To Canada’s Southern Ontario 150 Years Eh!!.


Toronto Real Estate Features Beautifully Finished Home In The Junction.


Jalopy Jam Up Canada’s 1950’s Car Show 2017 Third Eye Aerial Special Event.


Captures Aerial Imagery Of Toronto Skyline (Day And Night) Toronto marketing.


Third Eye Aerial Indoor Flying at Mississauga Convention Centre.


Show your clients an aerial view or layout of an important construction project within 24 hours.


Precision Agriculture Crop Management Third Eye Aerial.
Provides Exclusive Services In The Agriculture Industry.


Golf course marketing at a glance experience 4k cinematography.


Toronto Drone Services professionally licensed UAV pilots ready to serve. Showcasing the best in Aerial photography.

Toronto’s Lights Festival Capturing The GTA, & Niagara Falls at Night

Third Eye Aerial Captures Breath Taking footage of Niagara Falls Toronto And Surrounding Cities Beautiful Light Show Display.

Real Estate reel with 3D Tracking letters Third Eye Aerial

Real Estate footage shot with the inspire 2 cinematic quality. For one of our many clients along with inside footage with 3D Tracking Informative labels.


Hiring a drone pilot can be incredibly beneficial for your business, event or industry, and choosing the right one is critical.


ThirdEye has a network of pilots on standby with a wide range of skills ready to meet the needs of your project at any location.

Some Great


Captures aerial imagery for property listings to better sell quickly large pieces of property and homes with unique features. Also used to effectively market luxury watercraft.


Captures aerial view to showcase sports, games, and practices. Also, provides a unique view for special events such as outdoor weddings, etc.


Ideal for inspecting power lines, pipelines, towers, remote substations, rail lines, highways, bridges and external structures. Also, used for external damage and construction site data for project management.


Provides a competitive edge through spectacular aerial photos/videos that stands out from the crowd in competition.


Provides precision agriculture and crop surveillance that can drastically reduce the time required walking the fields and high cost of using piloted aircraft.


Utilization of drones to observe illegal activities such as logging, poaching as well as using imagery to count/monitor wildlife in an area..


Creating a new standard for high-end real estate property listings, drones can play a major role in getting aerial video and photography you can use to drive more website traffic and achieve higher visibility.


Are you looking to remember a special event such as a wedding, a corporate function, or a festival – nothing quite captures the moment like drone videography and photography.

Drone Inspections are Safe and Precise

If you are looking for reliable and efficient commercial inspections using drone technology, you’ve come to the right place. The use of drones allows an operator to go places where people can’t easily go without substantial risk. In commercial applications, this provides a cost-effective, accurate, and safety-conscious method to conduct commercial inspections on cell towers, tall buildings, bridges, railroads, roof tops, draining systems, roads, windmills, transmission lines, on industrial sites, and on construction sites.

Monitor hard to reach spots up close without putting personnel at risk and without the use of additional equipment. Third Eye Aerial significantly reduces the safety risks associated with inspecting a potentially weakened structure and also avoids compromising the structure itself by having people on it.

Drones for Business Marketing, use it for any Business!

Optimize your current marketing strategy with impressive drone video that is sure to increase your web and social media footprint. Jaw-dropping aerial footage can attract more views and more sales. The use of drones for business marketing has never been easier and more affordable.

Among the highest forms of social engagement in business marketing is social media sharing. Putting together a drone video can provide an impressive vision for your business, giving customers a reason to share this content. Showcase a product, brand, or service in a way that is exciting and fun!

Drones in Destination Marketing

The use of drones in tourism marketing is changing the way that marketers and brands are promoting destinations, hotels, attractions, and niche tours. Third Eye Aerial uses its drones to produce exquisite, innovative aerial photographs and video for destination marketing, giving a location a visually compelling brand to engage both viewers and tourists alike.

Travel videos attract more viewers and more viewers means a higher conversion to sales. Capture breathtaking, natural views of a property, bring out the special features of a resort, and show guests having the time of their lives! The use of drone videos and photos can help build tourism marketing in a way that no other technology can – delivering to guests the exact vacation experience that they are missing.

Drones for Agriculture Use

There are many major challenges in private farming and/or commercial agriculture that drone technology can solve. The unique aerial views provided by drones in agriculture use can assist farmers, orchard owners, and vineyard owners in being able to better assess crop health and drought conditions. Third Eye Aerial provides access to precise data, giving farmers the tools and resources to identify and mitigate threats such as drought damage, diseased plants, infestations, plant disease, and other crop health issues.

In the long-term there are a number of ways in which drones in agriculture use can help to increase crop productivity and prioritize sustainability:

Aerial Surveys for Safe and Speedy Land Mapping

Aerial surveying and geo-mapping provides a user with essential data helpful when planning large-scale projects over a massive land mass. Third Eye Aerial drones for aerial mapping provides a safe way to scale land regardless of how treacherous the terrain.

This results in dynamic data for 3D models and high density point clouds.

We use drones specially equipped with sensors that are calibrated for the adequate geo-referencing of the collected data, providing a user with geometrically rectified aerial photographs and accurate three-dimensional measurements of the terrain. The use of drones for aerial surveys and land mapping can complement the efforts of the ground survey team while also saving time and money, ensuring faster survey completion.


Third Eye Aerial has been granted SFOC’s (Special Flight Operations Certificate) approved by Transport Canada since inception in 2016, we have license to fly anywhere Canada-wide when a application is submitted. Our turn around time for Flight Permits and Night Permit approvals are very quick, our Clients get a response and confirmation within 24 to 48hrs for Third Eye Aerial, this is huge!

Special Flight Operations Certificates (SFOCs) are commonly referred to as ‘standing SFOCs’ or ‘blanket SFOCs’. The certification provides special permission to operators, giving them the authority to fly freely. Receiving this certification demonstrates the success of past flights, the operator’s experience, and knowledge of UAVs and drones.

Transport Canada is allowing Third Eye Aerial to move forward in any Canada-based drone projects, as sanctioned with this SFOC certification when requested. Throughout our track record, past, present, and future, we remain committed to compliance under all existing rules and regulations guiding UAVs/RPAS (Drones) in Canada.

No matter what UAV/RPAS model, description of operation, geographical region, or purpose of project an operator may have, safety remains the highest priority. Acquiring this Special Flight Operations Certificate is a representation of that commitment to safety and our renewed commitment to responsible UAV/RPAS use in Canada.

The operational authority this SFOC gives Third Eye Aerial makes the future a very bright one for our company. To any of our business partners or clients, this permission from Transport Canada only serves to strengthen our authority in the Canadian UAV/RPAS industry.


DJI Matrice 600

The DJI Matrice 600 has been specially designed to professional aerial photography and industrial applications.

Integrating the latest in DJI technologies, enjoy an incredible drone performance using the company’s unique flight controller, its Lightbridge 2 transmission system, and an advanced battery management system. Set up the Matrice 600 in minutes. Tap into the drone’s dust-proof propulsion systems and active cooling motors, which are programmed to provide even more use. Featuring a maximum load of 6 kg, the specialized M600 model uses sine-wave driven, intelligent ESCs to guarantee the most accurate, safe, and efficient performance. The self-adaptive flight systems will automatically adjust flight parameters as needed, based on payload.

DJI Matrice 210 RTK

The DJI Matrice 2010 RTK is sold under the tag line, ‘Built to endure. Engineered to adapt.’ Needless to say, in the years since its release, this DJI drone has proven to be quite the tool for countless industrial workers across Canada, the United States, and internationally.

Among the more common uses with this DJI drone, there’s infrastructure projects, power line inspection, search and rescue missions, wind turbine inspection, and bridge inspection.

DJI Inspire 2

The DJI Inspire 2 builds upon the amazing advancements evident in the prior Inspire 1, improving upon a variety of features, upgrading to a CineCore 2.1 image processing system and video recording capability up to 6K.

For more advanced DJI drone users seeking something new, the DJI inspire 2 might entertain your appetite for high tech. Using this DJI drone, go from zero to up to 50 miles per hour in just five seconds, see a maximum speed of 58 miles per hour, and enjoy a maximum descent speed of nine metres per second.

DJI Agra Mg-1

The DJI Agras Mg-1 is an octocopter drone specializing in agriculture application. For a DJI Agras Mg-1 user, receive the chance to tap into precision variable rate application of liquid pesticides, fertilizers, and herbicides.

Achieve a higher level of efficiency with one’s agriculture and, by purchasing this product, save time, money, and effort in the process. The DJI Agras Mg-1 features a powerful propulsion system which can carry liquid payloads up to 10 kg. Cover an area up to 6,000 square metres in just under ten minutes – that’s up to 60 times faster than manual spraying!

DJI Phantom 4 Pro+ V2

The Phantom 4 Pro+ V2 is truly a spectacular drone from DJI in a number of valuable ways, including improved speed and flight time. powerful and efficient motors combined with a superior battery to create a more powerful aircraft, which also boasts an improved camera (better dynamic range and improved low light performance).The mechanical shutter allows pilots to better capture swiftly moving objects, The result is a high quality image, free of distortion, which makes this drone an Industry Standard.

A drone frequently used for surveying acres of land using GCP’s which result in Survey-Grade quality.

Survey – Grade


Many common uses of drone maps such as crop scouting and site documentation don’t require survey-grade accuracy. But accuracy is vital to professionals in the construction, surveying, and aggregates industries.

Project managers must compare site maps over time to detect changes, and architects visualize design plans in building information modeling (BIM) software on top of a drone-generated 3D model of actual site conditions. To effectively compare maps and 3D models to each other, they have to be precise — the data needs to line up perfectly.

Processing a drone map with GCPs — ground truth data — solves this problem. GCPs are large visible targets spaced throughout the mapped area with precise known locations typically measured with highly-accurate ground-based GPS equipment. The GCPs and their coordinates are then used to help drone mapping software accurately position your map in relation to the real world around it.

Some of our


Third Eye Aerial is a safe, certified, and insured drone flight service provider, always meeting the highest standards of our clientele.We provide the general public, corporations, and government aerial services that meet a range of application needs, accommodating service requests for videography, photography, surveying, and other areas listed under our services page. Certified and insured, safe and professional flight services remain our top priority with each project we take on.


Third Eye Aerial is a safe, certified, and insured drone flight service provider, always meeting the highest standards of our clientele.We provide the general public, corporations, and government aerial services that meet a range of application needs, accommodating service requests for videography, photography, surveying, and other areas listed under our services page. Certified and insured, safe and professional flight services remain our top priority with each project we take on.
Please send us your questions, concerns or any other inquiry and we will be sure to assist you in a timely manner.

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Third Eye Aerial Inc. is a safe, certified, and insured Uav provider offering drone services and always meeting the highest standards of our clientele.
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